• The old child

Sci-fi Documentary | 4k | DCP | Color | 16:10 | China - France | 2021

Demonstrating the power of Slow Cinema, Cielo abierto is a portrait of a difficult meeting of worlds. A Peruvian father labours patiently, chipping at the white volcanic stone that forms an extraordinary landscape. His son is part of the modern world: he uses cameras and drones in order to create the digital model of a church on a computer. Separated by the mysterious death of the wife/mother figure in the family, these men do not connect. And yet their paths cross in a ghostly manner, as do their professions: each in their own way works with textures and volumes, sensations and perceptions. Can the realm of digital art recreate and revivify the old world? Can it also awaken hearts grown lonely and cold?

– Adrian Martin

In Cielo abierto, an imposing cliff of white volcanic stone fills half of the frame, slowly but steadily giving way to the clear-blue open skies of the rural outskirts of Arequipa, Peru. It is being chipped away at for the gain of construction materials needed to raise the pillars of some modern monolith. Concurrently, a computer screen showcases a series of vectors and pixels looking to replicate some kind of baroque structure. However, contrasting these acts might seem on paper, they are not only linked by the familial bonds between their perpetrators, but by the unexpected parallels that arise.First time feature filmmaker Felipe Esparza Pérez creates an immersive atmosphere out of aural enticement and cyclical rhythms, which exchanges any semblance of traditional plot for a mostly sensory experience. The screen works almost as a blank canvas for mostly abstract textures and volumes, jarringly juxtaposed with the violent colonial baggage of barroco andino architecture coming to life nearly in real time, as elements begin to add up and patterns materialize.

- Alonso Aguilar


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